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Long time ago, i was looked for the informations about Nokia 7700...And i didn't found it.But I found a owner of that phone. Stefan Simonsen. He has got a Nokia 7700 for their own. In 2005-2006 year we were only talking via e-mail. At that time i was thought to buyed his 7700. But we were had one problem... Nobody could send it from Finland to Poland...And my contact with Stefan was lost.

In this year, i've spotted a very good offer to me and i bought the Nokia 7700 for 500Euro.

We were made this blog, because we were thinking that the Nokia 7700 is very interesting phone.And IMO Nokia has made a big mistake, with not-improved them in to the market.

If you have got a Nokia 7700 please contact with me via mail. You also could make a Nokia 7700 Blog better than is it now.

Mateusz Kurowski

Nokia 7700 Firmware Version

  • 1.08 from 03-09-04 RM-12 (7710 early fw version working on 7700)
  • 2.04 from 21-05-04 RAL-2 (newest 7700 firmware)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Few photos & info

Hi all,
In the February I had sold my Nokia 7700 for Ingeraso he is a freak , 2 months ago he buyed a second Nokia 7700... There are photos...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nokia 7700 Standard Web Browser vs Opera Mini :)

I have found a 2 my videos, one is Browsing Internet via Standard Web Browser, and second , is Using Opera Mini. I have decided to publish it :)

Opera Mini 4.2

Standard Web Browser

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Nokia 7700 Review in Polish Magazine

Hello :)
In the Mobility(Polish magazine about mobile phones and other mobile technology).You can see my review of Nokia 7700.

Greetings Mateusz Kurowski

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nokia 7700 Mini-Review

Nokia 7700 Beauty (Not-wanted) Beast
Author: Mateusz Kurowski


When in 2003 year, Nokia was announced new model, based of the Symbian operating system, which has got huge touchable screen, i knowed , that it must became in to my hand . In 2004 year, at the Cebit in the Hannover, phone was showed to the people. Premiere of this phone, has planned at the second part of the 2004 year. In my mind i have had a idea, great, maybe it's could be availbe in my Operator offer?

I never belive in bad luck, until one day when , at the Nokia site, i cleary readed a information, that the Nokia 7700 has been not availble to the End-Users... From all Nokia sub-sites were started removing all information about the 7700. Nokia 7700 has gone.... But , few month later Nokia , has annouced a replacement of the 7700, but in the hearts of 7700 fans , were still something like empty spaces. Nokia 7700 has got something what, distinguish them from a rest of the normally phones, but replacement of them, Nokia 7710 was ... normally. Now in the world is only, a nearly 20 pieces of the 7700 . From 2004 year , i was looking for this phone... without result. But, few week ago i spotted a very good offer.

My piece is a 8 from over a dozen in the world...


Nokia 7700, has got very specific design , it's not a phone that be good for all. Phone is avaible in two color version, Black and White . Size of them, is not very huge, it's a little bit bigger than N-gage. At the back, we can see a VGA Camera Eye. At the left side, is Memory Card Slot, and buttons were supposed to go in to the main menu.At the top, there is only a standard communication buttons. In the right side we can see a power on button.To navigation we were supposed to do a joystick, and touchscreen..

Ready for all...

I decide to turn-on the phone, a big 640x320 px display, showed me a Nokia logo, and was played a Nokia standard melody. He, welcome me, like a prototype „Unknown Error”.After that i saw a main menu , from here we can go everywhere we want, and large icons is very good idea for that. My prototype has got a newest firmware for this model, from 21 may 2004 year, it very stable, i haven't got any problems with using all functions.


Writing a SMS/MMS on the Virtual (QWERTY) Keyboard is great, we can also use a pen and write directly on the screen (character by character). Nice thing is drawing :), we can draw on example something to our friend ;). All connections options working without problem. Very specific is a method of the Talking, we must take the phone by the his thin side (down) and it was Side-Talking like in the N-gage Classic, the quality of connection is very good..


Standard web browser, sometimes has got problem with the advanced sites with Java script, images,.But after, i installed a Opera Mini, i saw a true POWER of this phone. Ever sites look great, and discovering sites is very nice. Nokia 7700 was a very multimedia phone, here you can listen your mp3, watch video (in my example via TCPMP player!) a quality of Video is Superb. Also in this kind o phone, the Camera is important, but here is only VGA camera, withour recording video option.


Procesor 32-bit RISC ARM9 , at frequence 150 Mhz behave very good. Phone is very fast und stable, there's no way about the some problems with the system. Only one time, i saw a White Screen od Death. For user is a avaible 90MB of free internal memory, what is so huge like the phone who was seen a daylight in 2004 year. Nokia 7700 has got 32MB of RAM, and user have got 18MB from this, and its so visible , because in example in 7710 where we have got only 12MB of RAM, in 7700 we could listening a mp3, visitng a websites and writing a note, and its no make any imppresion for the phone :)

In my opinion Nokia, do a mistake, by cancelled a Nokia 7700 project. It's got everything what in 2004 year was desirable by the thousands of people.Large touchscreen , a lot of internal Memory, and camera. Officalce Cause of cancelled , was „The market is not ready for the phone like Nokia 7700”.It's bull shit. At everywhere example Cebit in 2004 year, the visitors were admire of them. They one cause of the cancelled the 7700 project, is a very „modern” design, and very unstable firmware in the older pieces of 7700. Now in the world, is only over a dozen or so, pieces of this model, and a more of them has been in the Nokia factory, when they are testing a Mobile Television, and another multimedia systems.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Video-Capture from the Stefan 7700!

A Stefan 7700, has got a Video-Recording option. Because he's 7700 has got a very early firmware from 7710.

Here you can watch a video

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nokia 7700 Video-Review :)

A video review of the Nokia 7700 :) FIRST IN THE WORLD :D

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Video at Nokia 7700:Linkin Park What I've Done :)

A Video of Linkin Park What I've Done at the my 7700 teh quality of Video is GREAT!

Nokia 7700 dummy in Poland Market:)

ALl photos was made by Nokia 6680 !

Friday, September 28, 2007