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Long time ago, i was looked for the informations about Nokia 7700...And i didn't found it.But I found a owner of that phone. Stefan Simonsen. He has got a Nokia 7700 for their own. In 2005-2006 year we were only talking via e-mail. At that time i was thought to buyed his 7700. But we were had one problem... Nobody could send it from Finland to Poland...And my contact with Stefan was lost.

In this year, i've spotted a very good offer to me and i bought the Nokia 7700 for 500Euro.

We were made this blog, because we were thinking that the Nokia 7700 is very interesting phone.And IMO Nokia has made a big mistake, with not-improved them in to the market.

If you have got a Nokia 7700 please contact with me via mail. You also could make a Nokia 7700 Blog better than is it now.

Mateusz Kurowski

Nokia 7700 Firmware Version

  • 1.08 from 03-09-04 RM-12 (7710 early fw version working on 7700)
  • 2.04 from 21-05-04 RAL-2 (newest 7700 firmware)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nokia 7700 Standard Web Browser vs Opera Mini :)

I have found a 2 my videos, one is Browsing Internet via Standard Web Browser, and second , is Using Opera Mini. I have decided to publish it :)

Opera Mini 4.2

Standard Web Browser


Victor P said...

Hi there!

Well you are one lucky guy! I worked on that project and I don't have that phone! how did you get it? I want to get a hold of one. We were not allowed to keep any prototype.

I worked on the CDMA version that was intended for the North American market. This one did not make it either :(

This project was designed in different Nokia sites. I worked at Nokia Vancouver (Canada). At that time we were supposed to be specialized in CDMA devices for the North American market. But sadly Qualcomm won the battle for CDMA chips. Nokia designed their own CDMA chip and high speed data transmission standard which was supposed to be technically superior than Qualcomm's version but more expensive to deploy by the carriers... so Qualcomm won for being the cheapest.

I was part of the UI design team that created the UI style from scratch. I was responsible for designing the initial versions of the music player, video player, picture/video gallery, camera/camcorder and the CDMA call handling app (and some other rather obscure CDMA settings). I think this was one of the most interesting projects I have ever worked on. We started doing the initial research in 2000. In my case I did some of the research on what people do with pictures/videos/music, how they take pictures and record videos. At that time there were only a few devices that recorded video and took digital pictures available in the market.

Anyway please feel free to contact me at vpalacio@yahoo.com or my website at www.vpdesign.ca (not a lot of information there though).


vaido said...

Hello freaks!

I was just helping my old friend's son to prepare the eBay sale for Nokia 7700... not sure if it's already up as it was his first try on eBay but check the US site during the week... it will be up sooner or later... don't be afraid of his zero feedback:-)... location is Estonia and shipping to overseas will be by cost... it's the real thing and I will try to help him with packing also... I am historian and collector of other type of stuff but never mind:-)...
happy user of original 6310i... what belongs already to collectable category also:-)...