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Long time ago, i was looked for the informations about Nokia 7700...And i didn't found it.But I found a owner of that phone. Stefan Simonsen. He has got a Nokia 7700 for their own. In 2005-2006 year we were only talking via e-mail. At that time i was thought to buyed his 7700. But we were had one problem... Nobody could send it from Finland to Poland...And my contact with Stefan was lost.

In this year, i've spotted a very good offer to me and i bought the Nokia 7700 for 500Euro.

We were made this blog, because we were thinking that the Nokia 7700 is very interesting phone.And IMO Nokia has made a big mistake, with not-improved them in to the market.

If you have got a Nokia 7700 please contact with me via mail. You also could make a Nokia 7700 Blog better than is it now.

Mateusz Kurowski

Nokia 7700 Firmware Version

  • 1.08 from 03-09-04 RM-12 (7710 early fw version working on 7700)
  • 2.04 from 21-05-04 RAL-2 (newest 7700 firmware)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Few photos & info

Hi all,
In the February I had sold my Nokia 7700 for Ingeraso he is a freak , 2 months ago he buyed a second Nokia 7700... There are photos...


"I'm bo" said...

hi, Im bob from Australia and Im a real fun of NOKIA 7700, just wondering you sold your 7700, havent you? is possible to source me another 7700 as I want to collect one to fill my collection.

you can contact me via skimboynemo@gmail.com



Ferdianto Kaskuser said...

wow, i like that phone :).
Have you installed 3rd apps in 7700 ???
Ane where you can download FW ??

Maksim Boonin said...

Hi. I'm from Russia. I bought 7700 last week. Can't find firmware 2,04. Where can I download it? Have some problems: display blocking doesn't work after incoming calls.

Prasetya nitrocart said...

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